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I guess you are reading this because something is not right for you or you want to change. Perhaps you are in a place where you don’t want to be. It could be that you feel depressed or anxious or stressed. Maybe relationships with others are problematic and you feel isolated, or work is difficult and unrewarding. Or you might just know that something is not right. Do you want to go in a different direction and to achieve your potential and live life to the full?

If you can relate to any of these then therapy can really help you get to a better place. It may seem odd to approach someone you don’t know to discuss what may be difficult and sensitive matters, but being able to talk confidentially to someone who cares, and whose sole focus is on what is best for you, and who has the skills to help you find a way forward may be just what you need.

In therapy the focus is on you and your issues and your aspirations. As a therapist I will hear you with compassion and respect and without judgement; it can be very powerful to be properly listened to. I will guide and support you, whatever your concerns and situation, and give you a safe space to be yourself. We can work to untangle your thoughts and feelings, and look at ways to release those which are unhelpful, and develop ways of coping and being in control.

For more information about therapy and the benefits it offers you can go to the FAQ or email me, you can ask me questions.

The first steps

I really appreciate how reaching out for help is a big step and can make people anxious, I will make every effort to help you feel at ease. It is very important to find a therapist you feel able to work with, someone who you can trust and talk openly with. I suggest the way to find the right person is to talk to therapists who you think may be suitable for you. Should you wish to and feel ready to contact me, or would like to ask questions, then I would be pleased to talk with you, perhaps initially on the phone.

That could be followed by a first session. This is an opportunity to speak about what is concerning you and about what you might hope for from therapy. The discussions we have will enable us to introduce ourselves and to get a sense of how we might work together. This will allow you to find out whether you would like to work with me and confirm that the kind of therapy I offer suits you. There is no obligation to continue.

For more information about my approach go to Myself and my approach. I hope this may give you a sense of what you can expect from me.

If you feel that I may be of help then please email me or we can speak on the phone (if I am unable to answer please leave a voicemail or email me).

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My name is Richard Moll, I am an Integrative Psychotherapist qualified with a Masters degree and am a Registered Member of UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy). UKCP acts as my regulatory authority and I adhere to their Ethical Principles and Code of Professional Conduct, and should you feel something is amiss you have the opportunity of recourse to them. Click here for UKCP

There are different types of therapy and this can be confusing. Integrative means that I adapt the approach to you and your situation, (every person and every situation is unique). I place a high emphasis on how we work together, the relationship. Research indicates that this is very important and I believe that a supportive relationship can be really beneficial to people in therapy. I will use my skills to facilitate your journey with the aim of enabling you to enhance your life and to live it more fully.

My experience includes working with a wide range of adults of differing ages (from age 18 upwards), genders and backgrounds and with issues including trauma, neglect and abuse from childhood, and present-day matters such as relationships with others, workplace challenges, not feeling good about yourself, depression, anxiety, stress and other life issues. I also have experience of addictions and eating disorders.

For more information go to Myself and my approach

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Location and availability

I offer psychotherapy and counselling at the Solihull Well Being Clinic, at Highfield Road, Hall Green, B28 0EL, well positioned for South Birmingham and Solihull (although some of my clients come from further afield, typically from the West Midlands and Warwickshire). I also provide therapy to students and those undertaking training as a psychotherapist or counsellor. The photo shows a room I use in South Birmingham. I offer appointments within the hours of 09:00 to 18:00 on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


Sessions are usually weekly and last 50 minutes. Therapy can take place over differing periods of time, it is your choice, it depends on what you want to consider and what that might involve. It can last from 6 to 12 sessions (short term) to several years (long term) or anything in-between. I work either on an open-ended basis or for an agreed number of sessions, I suggest at the beginning that we commit to 6 sessions then review what happens next.


My standard fee is £50 a session; however that is not affordable for everyone, so please talk to me and I will try to offer a rate to match your circumstances.

Other information

To clarify one point, although the terms counselling and psychotherapy imply some differences, I am able to offer both; (for more information click here).

The location I work from in South Birmingham (in Hall Green) is wheelchair accessible and there is parking nearby. There are bus routes along the Stratford Road (e.g. 6 and X20), and it is about 15 minutes walk from Hall Green station.

To find out more about myself and my approach as a psychotherapist and counsellor click here.

To find out more about what therapy involves and how it could help you click here.

Please fee free to email me if you have any questions.

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